Meet Finn and Sawyer.

They run a business.  A rafting business. There’s a narrow window when their business does well.  Spring and early Fall are good.  Summer is pretty good.  Winter… well, you better have some money saved up before Winter arrives is all.   Rain is okay in Summer, if it’s not too crazy.  Rain in Fall is bad, usually.  Rain in the Spring is a toss-up… depends on how bad everyone’s cabin fever has been over the Winter, y’know?

But constant rainstorms with lightning and hail and dark and flooding and the dam releasing tons of water per second, and bad stuff… That’s just horrible for business.

Another thing they have to worry about is locals who can just jump in the river South of the dam any time they feel like it.  Once, the local high school football heroes took out one their father’s inflatable raft in flood stage water.  These are guys who don’t know how to guide rafts and, like a lot of people, never took the time to do the things that drive local tourism.  So- five kids who figured they’d be good at rafting because they LIVED there, after all, jumped into a flooded river without knowing to stay IN the surging, crashing, scary mid-stream.  They stayed in the trees, thinking that’d be safer or better or more adventurous or something.  We’ll never know what they were thinking, sadly.

The local community saw Finn and Sawyer’s rafting company as being to blame, of course.  Darn idiots profiting on dangerous nonsense, plus it cost the town their most promising young ones …”and the playoffs, for sure.” as reportedly said by one local alderman, now rarely mentioned in polite company.

So when Finn and Sawyer decide to close for the day, well, that day’s kind of a disaster for them, y’know?  Disaster.