People automatically assume that riding a unicycle is a skill reserved for only a few people per million who discover it within themselves.  In truth, it’s a skill reserved for anyone who spends a couple of hours trying to learn it.  What happens is this:  You learn to balance, then you learn to lean forward and use your feet to prevent a fall while continuing forward.  The same description applies to WALKING.  Seriously. Same skill set.

I’ve carried some odd stuff around on a unicycle.  You get stared at.  And you get spoken to.  There is a very short list of things said by a very long list of people.  The most common is, “Where’s the rest of your bike?” To which the answer can be any number of clever things:  “The bike store said ‘Half Off’, who knew?”  or “My grandmother’s on it behind me.  She’ll be along.”  or “What the…?!  Damned THIEVES!” or “I took off all the stuff I didn’t need.  This is what I got left.”

Anyhow, unicycles can be fun.  Probably more so because so many people assume silly things about them with nothing more to go on than the fact that clowns sometimes ride them while pretending to fall down.


Anyhow.  You can learn.  Click on the unicycle below to shop you one.  G’wan.  You know you been wanting one.
White Russian 20'' Unicycle