Had another inexplicable jump in readership yesterday.  I may be able to search through the data and figure out what’s going on… or it may just be another one of those things where a couple dozen extra new readers turn up one day for reasons I never can work out.  Whatever the cause, I like it… and wish it’d happen all month sometime.

Another inexplicable thing I see is the security updates about who’s been blocked from logging in and screwing around on the site.  There’s somebody in Russia who needs to get a different hobby.  Probably some  automated program someone’s written, but I’m tired of seeing that he, or she, or it has been blocked- again- after twenty attempts to log in.  Same, but not as often, with some ass in France, and a couple others here in the states.  Very worrisome, but more readers means more chances that you fall under the gaze of someone with wicked plots in mind, I guess.

Anyhow, enjoy Kelly’s gathering of footage for his giant Exposé, tell a friend or two to read Hubris, and if I suddenly go offline and the site is replaced with a Russian ad for mail-order brides… well, it wasn’t MY idea.