Every so often, I remember that there are still unfinished Hubris comic strips that never made it past of some of the later syndicate mailings.  There aren’t many, but they either didn’t fit the tone of the final version of the strip, or they didn’t fit into the generally story-line-ish arrangement I used when first doing this website.  This one, I think, was just left back while I assumed I’d one day pull it out and use it, like the 120 or so ‘finished’ Hubris comic strips that convinced me that I could launch a webcomic.  Possibly, this one could have been modified to fit into the recent hiking trip Hubris and Kara were on… if I’d remembered it existed. If you like, you can imagine that I went ahead, redrew it, colored it, and loaded it up at the end of last week or something.

It’s probably from 2002.  The editor that was looking over Hubris had graciously said I didn’t have to keep sending finished black and white inked-in cartoons, but we could progress with roughs.  That’s why this one is so… rough.  I had a pile of these rough versions by the time I decided the syndicates had seen enough and I had to get back to working on other things.  Most of them got inked and colored and you’ve seen them, starting way back in November of 2010.  Some, though… will show up here on Thursdays for a bit.

So, there you go.  A throwback Thursday cartoon of a Hubris adventure that may or may not exist, depending on how you see things.