How long has it been since I dropped a talkative new character into the strip?

I hope it’s been long enough.  We needed a storyteller.

Aaaand for anyone who became an official Patron of Hubris (you become one by clicking the gray and orange ‘Team Hubris’ button to the left over there, and doing patron-y things) during the month of January, the physical rewards have all been mailed.  To the one Patron in France- it might take a bit for it to arrive.  For the two Patrons who get screen savers- if you’d like to email me and let me know if you need it for phone or desktop or iPad or whatever, (or even if you don’t) I will send those out this weekend.  For those newer Patrons who signed up in February- your goodies will go out in March after Patreon sends me your info.

Thanks, folks!!