For anyone who doesn’t get Patreon emails- The packs for new patrons went out.  And for all the patrons that have been around for a while- the ‘Season’s Greetings’ packs are, well, late, but on their way.

Yes, that includes the ones to France and Canada!  That doesn’t yet include the one to the UK.  It’s ready to go, but you’re gonna have to straighten out whatever issue Patreon has with ya- sorry about that.

And if you DON’T get the Patreon update emails, by golly, go click a button and get them.

And if you’re not a Patron through Patreon, by golly, think about it.  If everyone who reads Hubris ponied up a buck a month, I’d be forced to add another day’s cartoon every week.  And, probably, re-think how to fit everything into my schedule.  It’s getting crazy ’round here.