Funny story for you- My brother wore a wrist-to-ankle jumpsuit, gloves, boots, and a big rubber mask around Halloween (Now called “Cosplay for Candy.” You heard it here first). He did a funny thing at a local park’s party where they had piles of hay bales, scarecrows, and pumpkins as decorations. He flopped face down in a pile of hay that some kids had left strewn around in their ongoing straw fight through the park. When the kids ran back around to his pile of hay, one of them grabbed him by the foot, thinking he was one of the scarecrows that they were swinging around at one another. As the kid reached for his foot, my brother jumped up and yelled, “Aaargh!”

The kid fell straight backward from his heels as his scarecrow bludgeon came to life and shrieked. I have personally never seen anyone so stunned as that before or since, and that includes people who were unconscious before they hit the floor.