You should never say that anything is a particular superlative… without qualification.

What I mean is, if you say, “This is the worst meal ever.” you should probably qualify it, or the Great Universal Sense Of Humor will kick in and the next meal you’re presented with will still be moving and will cause explosive disembowelment or something.  If you say, “You are the biggest liar!” to someone, someone else will come along and sucker you into something even scammier.  (According to spellcheck, I just invented the word ‘scammier’.)

So, if you say some kind of bike racer is the weirdest, you’re just opening the door to something you hadn’t planned on ever seeing.

It’s like double-dog daring the universe to be more startling than you’re prepared for.  And that the dumbest thing anyone could do.

Uh-oh.  I superlatived.  Watch out.  Something’s gonna be dumber than ever now.