Erich should have really put the sarcasm on ’em hard.  Maybe they could have paddled hard enough to get them that fourth place spot anyhow.

Do Germans do sarcasm?  I honestly don’t know the cultural applicability of things like sarcasm.  What about the various Asian cultures?  I’d be fascinated to know how much sarcasm plays a day-to-day role in, let’s say, rural areas of India, or high-density population areas of China.  Whattaya think?  Can you picture a Nepalese guy saying, “Oh, SURE!  I’d LOOOOOVE to carry your junk up Mt. Everest so you can tell your friends YOU climbed AAAAAALL the way up there without mentioning that I HAD YOUR TENT AND STUFF ON MY BACK”  That’s put ol’ Edmund Hillary in a squirmy sort of mood, wouldn’t it?