News spreads like wildfire at the Fest!  I guess with that many people all crammed together, lots of things spread like wildfire. News, Gossip, Talk, Innuendo, etc.  Vomiting, as we’ve seen.  The Flu, once would expect.  COVID, if this were the real world (but in the Hubrisverse, there ain’t no such thing because it depresses me.), food poisoning, fleas, unmentionable vulgar medical issues we also don’t wish to deal with here ’cause they ain’t funny… and, of course, Wildfires.  Those would, by definition, spread like wildfire.  Campfire, too, if left unattended would spread like wildfire after a certain point.  You can probably guess the point at which it begins to spread like wildfire.


Just gonna leave that joke riiiiiight here for ya.