I like writing cartoons this way.  You have a group of people, and you throw the same general situation at them, but the reactions of the characters vary with their… y’know, character.  It’s fun.  I did this once with a Buckets cartoon.  It was a Sunday, so I had lots of room to work with.  The family decides they’ll go out to the park or someplace.  Sarah goes to the door and pokes her head out.  Larry rushes to the computer, Frank goes to the calendar, Toby goes to his closet, and Eddie plows into his dresser.  When they all meet back up at the door, Sarah’s wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a hat.  Larry’s got on a sleeveless shirt and sunglasses.  Frank’s got on a rain slicker and boots.  Toby’s wearing something ‘cool’, and Eddie’s wearing a halloween costume.  The fun was throwing a simple task at some very different people to see how they’d handle it individually.

And so you get these last couple of cartoons here.