“Happy April Fool’s Day.”


Hey!  Guess what one of my favorite movies is?

I think I’m in danger of repeatedly repeating myself.  After the horrible revelation that Hannabelle Lechter was a name I’d already bestowed on a Roller Derby Girl, I christened another character Cthula Hanna Belle-Lechter.  What a thing.

Now, I’m recycling (or, if you’ll be generous, ‘Creating a running gag out of’) the phrase “He cut the power.”  I love that line.  Or rather, I love the original movie line “They cut the power.”  I like to toss it in occasionally. I used it a while back, and here it is again.

For anyone who hasn’t placed the movie yet, here are more clues.  The following line is, I believe, “How could they cut the power?  They’re just animals, man!”  And the fun doesn’t stop there.  Surely you remember the line “You ever been mistaken for a man, Vasquez?” and the retort, “No. Have you?”  Or how about, “Is this gonna be a stand up fight, sir, or a bug hunt?”