I can’t recall if I posted this before, but for anyone who is entertained by such stuff, here’s what an unfinished Hubris cartoon looks like:

I print out these 8.5X14 sheets with boxes of the right height and width, divided into quarters and thirds.  There are also lettering guides printed all over the space.  I lay out my lettering, draw in the balloons and boxes, then fill in the space left with little drawings.

Then the thing gets slapped onto a huge light table drawing board that I have.  A nice clean sheet of 100 lb, hot press surface slick thick paper gets laid over the penciled page, and all the ink gets put down.  And the white-out.  And then the correct ink, til the whole thing is done.

Then it goes in the scanner, it’s colored in photoshop, I save two different sizes, and I post the smaller one to the web here.

And if all that stuff sounds like it ought to take an hour, tops, well it sounds that way to me, too.  And we’re both wrong.