Last month, all the big ol’ hotshot cartoonists got together for the annual meeting of The National Cartoonist Society.  I didn’t go this year, but went to New Orleans instead- sometimes you have to pick and choose when things overlap.  Ah, well.

Here, however, are photos from the previous year…  I’ll do the namedropping, and you can go look up the ones you don’t know.  Then you’ll know how big a hotshot I am for hanging out in my pink autographed hat with all these cool people.

Here, you’ll see Daryl Cagle, two-time Pulitzer winner Mike Ramirez, Chad Frye, and Tom Stemmie (with me thrown in there. Proof!) All fine gentlemen! There were women there, too, as cartoonists are NOT just guys, but they’re not nearly as entertained by ridiculous hats as you’d think.

So, in November, there’s a SouthEast Chapter meeting for the cartoonists that live in the spaces between Arkansas, Virginia, North Carolina, and the north edge of Florida, roughly.  Florida gets it’s own chapter, of course… Plenty of cartoonists running around there.  I’ll be doing a talk about getting started in webcomics, which I’ve barely done.  (If you have some input you feel would improve my powerpoint extravaganza, please let me know.  Or, by golly, come on by.  You can be a visual aid.)

First weekend in November, I think… In Knoxville, I believe.  Anyone’s welcome, so make plans to come by and visit.  Some of us are wildly egotistical and love to autograph things, so there’s an opportunity to make some bucks on eBay.