Remember books?  I sure do.  Three of my studio walls are windows- almost nothing but windows, and so there’s some issue about where I would put the hundreds of books (mostly about cartooning or cartoons).  Eventually, I put up a shelf that runs all around the three walls just above the windows.  I had to reinforce the anchors and eventually just had to add braces all down the shelves because of the weight.  Books are good for weight.

Kindle, nook and iPad are good for weight but in the opposite sense.  A lightweight Kindle is a good thing that bespeaks of quality.  A lightweight book- not so much.  It bespeaks cheap paper or brevity or not-enough-for-your-money.

Then there’s these here books that have cartoons in them.  Someday, you’ll only get The Buckets and Hubris in your electronic media, and trees everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief.  Until then, though, you can get the heft and fun of owning, in the real world, a book full of cartoons.  You can order The Buckets HERE and Hubris HERE.

And I apologize for slappin’ you with an ad for books here where I occasionally try to entertain you with photos of intrepidness or foolishness or both.  On the other hand, you need another book or two while they still exist.