Jeff Outdoors-

The man abuses outdoor gear, so you don’t have to

You’ve heard of Sherlock Holmes’ smarter brother, yeah?  They’ve even written him into some of the new spate of TV shows about Holmes.

I have a brother, and he’s smarter than me.  That’s not hard.  Nor is it hard to be more outdoorsy than me.  I don’t yet own a solar panel to recharge my laptop while in the forest, so I have not yet drawn a Hubris cartoon and updated from a nice campsite in Yellowstone.  Yet.

Jeff Cravens is far more intrepid and cool than I’ll ever be and I’m here to write a wrong brought on by my own laziness and general digital ineptitude.

Since the beginning of this site, Jeff’s been contributing cool articles about outdoorsy stuff, and I have never taken the time to work out how to make him an administrator so that the little thing at the top of the articles said that they were from him.

But I’m nearly caught up on most of my work today, so I went back into WordPress, which is amazingly easy to work with, and I completely screwed things up until I got my beloved brother whom I’m terminally jealous of signed in as an administrator.  Then I went back and attributed his articles to him- the way it should have been done since, get this, NOVEMBER 2010!  That’s right.  Next month, is 2 years old.

And Jeff is only now getting a little recognition.

Go check him out (or his hilarious writing, anyhow) HERE.  Admire him.  I do.