It’s tough, I guess.  Even city parks with only nice, shady bike trails in them have to be kept up.  Running clubs, bike clubs, the park service, Scouts… everybody pitches in to keep the thing in operating conditions.  I imagine that even in little fiddly parks, there’s more than one employee walking around in circles complaining bitterly about why people can’t just pick up after themselves and who the hell tosses a used diaper into the bushes instead of into the garbage can TEN FEET AWAY…

Tough to work with, people are.

You know if you built the finest adventure park in the world, it’d just kill you to find, after the first day, that somebody had scribbled his and his girlfriends names on the back of a bench.  Give it a year, and you’d be positively sociopathic, not to mention fat and out of shape.