I thought I might have something to say here about a number of things… Writing long story arcs, panels with closeups, the fact that Randy the River Guide is a real person, backgrounds that are photos vs backgrounds that are drawn vs backgrounds that are random colors…

But really, I wanted to ask- Has anyone heard anything out of Allan VS?  I went mostly off the grid for a couple of weeks (and it occurs to me now that I have a couple of emails asking me why I haven’t replied to something on Facebook.  As I haven’t answered the emails yet, much less the Facebook posts, heaven knows I’m behind the times) and I came back to discover that he hasn’t been commenting… and with my abysmal memory, I can’t recall when he posted last.  And with my even more abysmal laziness, I haven’t looked it up either.  So you guys- anyone know what’s up with Brother Allan?

Despite the lack of online activity and all the character defects, I would like to point out that I got all four comic strips out this week.  Just for you guys.  And Allan, wherever he is.