Ever get that sinking feeling?  You know, where you missed something?

Not like when you guys point out my grammar and spelling mistakes, I mean when you’ve fallen victim to my favorite aphorism:

“It’s the assumptions you don’t know you’re making that do you the most harm.”

So it’s like when you show up at what was clearly meant to be a Halloween party by the calendar, except that you were assuming that your host didn’t have a birthday a few days before Halloween.  You may also have assumed that a costume of an extremely elderly man in a grossly exaggerated adult diaper was going to be such fun that year, but it’s not a good look at a party where the guest of honor is trying desperately to remain young and hip while the age he’s required to admit to belies everything he’s fronting.

Or it’s like when Kara realizes that the rules don’t actually specify anything beyond “Unicycle” and “Bow”.