Honestly, I’m not angry or even piqued about people who have asked me if I’m a clown when I ride a unicycle.

Most of them are genuinely interested to find out, and really asking (except that one kid. He was a jerk) if I’m employed to wear greasepaint and entertain people from a ring in a tent.  That’s fine.

But they do seem genuinely agitated when I return the question.  I mean, obviously I’m doing something that they associate with clowning around, but in everyday life you couldn’t tell a clown from a non-clown, right?  They might be asking me if I’M a clown so they can then say, “Me, too!  Have we worked together?  I can’t recognize you in your civilian clothes!”

What CAN be annoying are people who automatically assume that I can juggle when they see me on a unicycle.  I say, “No, I can’t juggle.”  They say, “But… you ride a unicycle.”  I say, “Yeah.”  There comes a pause when the person considers for a moment.  The usually say something like “I just always assumed… that… you know… anyone that could… y’know… unicycle…”  They trail off.  Frankly, a lot of assumptions sound pretty goofy when you try to say them out loud.

All of which brings me around to my favorite aphorism:  “It’s the assumptions you don’t realize you’re making that do you the most harm.”  Write that one down, folks.  Attribute it to me.  It’s pure gold. My claim to fame.

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