I think I mentioned when this one first ran that it’s pretty much wrung straight from life.

I loved me some whitewater kayaking, and there were some months when I only got to go on one weekend, maybe.  And so I got one of those mood-setting CDs (remember CDs?) and put it in the CD player (remember CD players?) and it was sounds of whitewater, more or less.  I think it was a two and a half minute loop, though- spun out for an hour.

And yeah… Whitewater sounds like static.  Or something being sizzled on a grill.  Or… I dunno.  It’s white noise.  After a while, you don’t even hear it- it’s just for blocking out other sounds.

So maybe I didn’t buy static.  Maybe I bought an invisible wall to keep out the sounds of the rest of the world.

Might have been worth it after all.