Today we have a guest.

It’s Viking Overlord!  He’s wandered in from his own webcomic that you can access by clicking on the image below.


So yeah, when other cartoon characters break a paddle… or oar… who else would they come to?  Blondie?  Opus? The Buckets?  Heck no.  They, like you, come here.

Now,  go visit Viking Overlord!  Tell ’em I says, “Hey!”











Also, oars fit into oarlocks, see, and you row with them, facing backward if you need speed but facing forward if you merely need to steer.  Paddles, on the other hand, you paddle with those- meaning you hold both the handle and the middle of the paddle, thus becoming the fulcrum yourself (instead of the oarlock being the fulcrum) and you face the front of the boat all the time, no matter which direction the boat’s facing.  Paddle… Oar… it’s important, people.  “So ends your daily sermonette.”