You know how it is… you’re sleeping in a place you’re not accustomed to sleeping in.  The sounds happening around you aren’t the sounds that you get at home.  They’re wrong noises, and your brain doesn’t put up with wrong noises.  At home?  The cat can hork up a hairball on your feet and you sleep through it.  Your brain knows the cat.  Your brain knows the cat’s noises- even the disgusting ones.

But you try sleeping in a hotel.  Big comfy four star hotel.  The air conditioner makes a whir that’s a half-step off the note that your air conditioner at home makes.  And so, you have nightmares about the end of the earth all night long.

Now, I’m not saying that I stayed up all night long, disturbed by having written the preceding ghost story. Far from it.  I was sleeping at home.  Also, I giggled myself silly when I hit upon “I just peed myself” at the end.