Running shuttle used to irk me.  You could run a front-end shuttle or a back end shuttle.  And you usually weren’t lucky enough to be camping at the put-in or the take-out.  If there were a lot of vehicles moving a lot of boats, you had to figure out who was driving what with what boats strapped on and whether you were going to the put-in first to drop off boats or the take-out first to drop off shuttle vehicles, which had to have enough racks to carry away all the boats unless you wanted to leave one vehicle there with which to take all the drivers back to their vehicles at the put-in… Oh, it’s baffling.

Running shuttle is a logistical mess, at least the way we used to do it.  I particularly don’t care for shuttling that involves hitching back to your vehicle, either at the front or back end of the paddling.  I’ve been very lucky and gotten rides from some very nice people, but I still feel goofy standing on the highway in paddling clothes with my thumb stuck out.  Which isn’t to say I mind picking up other paddlers.  That’s never bothered me.  Weird.