Yeah, I’m exhausted, and I didn’t plan ahead well enough that you get a cartoon today.

Here’s what you DO get-

• Larry, Moe, and Curly tryin’ to put up the NCS banner. (Dave Blazek, Rick Stromoski, and Tom Stiglich, unless I’m really bad at remembering the backs of heads.)

• My wife, Me, and a very famous cartoonist that you should recognize by now.

• Some toys that I managed to cadge for a buddy of mine who collects the livin’ heck out of Batman stuff.

• Mark Parisi, who was in da house, and won his Division award!

• Me and Dave Reddick, whom I respect muchly, and you can tell I’m telling the camera to respect him, too.

• Arnie Roth and some guy who wishes he were Arnie Roth.  If you don’t know, look him up. AWESOME.

• Tom, Ray, and Ellen.  Stiglich, Alma, and Lustig- if you need the details.  I count myself lucky to get to hang out in children’s hospitals and yankee cities with these wonderful people.