Have you tried to explain to a younger person about Batman?  The Adam West version, I mean.  It’s not easy.  You can tell them that, back in the fifties and sixties, Batman was kinda goofy in the comics.  There was a lot of smiling and ‘imaginary stories’ where Batman, Superman, their wives and super-children went on picnics and stuff.

I’m too lazy to dig out those old comics I got from the used book store, but really… Adam West’s Batman wasn’t too far off the mark.  Then.

I did my best growing up in the 70’s when Batman got all dour and dark.  Jim Aparo art and that kinda thing.

The Dark Knight and The Killing Joke were coming out as my comic buying days were waning.

And still, I don’t recall Batman ever getting his big ol’ cape stuck in a car door or anything.