Usually, I do behind-the-scenes stuff over at the Patreon page and I don’t here.  Here is usually for just fun commentary.

But today, I’ll share a version of the Patreon Hubris Cartooning Lesson with you.

Voices.  When you write comic/cartoon voices, you can tell if the characters have gelled in your head if they have particular ways of speaking.

For instance, you couldn’t just swap the word balloons for these two characters, nor could you swap the attitude behind what they’re saying. Their ‘dialect’ would no longer fit the characters.  They’re body language would be totally messed up if you swapped that around, too.  Lowell’s body language is sagging and disappointed.  He doesn’t even turn to face Paste.  Paste is brassy enough to pick his nose and climb on another person’s back.  And while that’s funny, it’s not out of character for him.  It’s part of his ‘voice’.