You every have one of those conversations?  I have two friends that I have trouble talking to. They’re people I respect and admire, but I’m just not as quick as they are, conversationally.  I always feel like we’re not having the same conversation as each other are trying to conduct- and I’m the stupid one bogging down the conversation.

One is the guy I took over The Buckets from.  I’m usually on top of conversation, but he seems to be three steps ahead of me when we talk.  It’s like I’m an idiot.

The other guy is a cartoonist that lives in my brother’s town on the other side of the country. I always feel like I’m not paying attention when we talk- that’s how fast his mind works. I’m left standing there, wondering how I lost track.

Amazing cartoonists, amazing guys… and here I am, dawdling along with Hubris, which normally I’m pretty proud of.  I talk to those two guys just for a random conversation, and I feel abs0lutely stupid.

It’s like we’re not having the same conversation.