Does it make it funnier if I mention that the crossing guard’s name is Ms. Stephanie?

I didn’t think so.  The fact is, the REAL crossing guard I see most weekdays is Ms. Stephanie.  After seeing some of the horrific stuff she has to do out  in the street, I told her one day (after Captain America came out) that she didn’t need that fiddly little stop sign- she needed a big ol’ bulletproof shield to smash into car hoods when people blocked the walkways or nearly ran her down.  I worry for Ms. Stephanie.  People drive CRAZY.

Sorry I’m late with the update, today!  Yesterday ran very long, and some things came up.  I think I might start trying to prep these things a week or so in advance.  You’d think I’d know to do that already, but you know how it goes.  Enjoy!