You guys know that I have no particular desire to disappoint you.  Having said that… I’m gonna do it.  You saw that coming, didn’t ya?

I mentioned earlier in the process of a huge project, that I have a huge project.  And looking at this huge project, I find that the very optimistic schedule that had to be drawn up to hit the client’s deadline has risen up to bite me in the drawing hand.

I’ve been at it sixteen hours today, and only got fifteen of the twenty drawings in today’s schedule inked up.  And since I had twenty drawings a day scheduled for yesterday, today, tomorrow (which is your today) and the following two days, with time to scan and email the whole giant pile on Monday figured in… I’m monstrously behind.

So Hubris will be back… just not today.

Yikes. Just typing this is making my thumb ache after inking all day for the past few days.  I think I’m going to glue a pad onto my brush in the morning.

So!  Many apologies to those of you waiting patiently for Patron goodies and for original strips you’re in… I’m getting there.