Should we do critiques again?  I have forgotten the name of the reader that started us down this road, but he sounded like he might be a cartoonist in his own right.. possibly he’d like to chime in?  Or, for that matter, Saturday and Sunday are still unfilled here at Hubris.  Maybe he’d like to post some cartoons?

Anyhow, If you like critiques, read on.

If you don’t like critiques, feel free to quit squinting at this, and move on to something you’d prefer.

Pointless griping isn’t appreciated, but I’m not gonna stop you if you feel it best expresses who you are.


Let’s see.  I’m not huge on hyphenating words.  I really dislike it when I do it, and I try to avoid it, but there’s two hyphenations here.  I find it distracting.  Also… Hazmat colors.  I think of Hazmat suits being that weird bright yellow with a little green or orange tint depending on how I feel like coloring that day.  White would work too.  Red looks odd to me.  It’s still very clearly a HazMat suit, though, so I’m just spouting opinion, there.  Lastly, I think that the Old Man’s wicked grin could be better presented.  The line of his smile is nice and long, which I heartily agree with, but it mimics the line of his chin and the line of the suit/hood.  I think it got a little lost.  It may be better with the figure turned at an angle.  Or maybe just with teeth in the smile.  Ooohhhh, I could fill a scratch sheet with wicked smiles pretty happily.

That’s what I got for the critique.  Feel free to disagree with any and all points.  I’ve been wrong before… often enough that I’m comfortable there.