I know I keep putting up things for stuff around here, and no one wants to travel a million miles to do cartoony stuff,

but this one’s SPECIAL.  The National Cartoonist Society is coming to Memphis, and we’re drawing for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

That night, after we’ve drawn for every kid we possibly can, there’s a Fundraiser dinner.  If you don’t wanna drive to Memphis to hang out with cartoonists, there’s still a chance to get in on the auction, which includes incredible prizes to bid on, such as a weekend with Jack Black in Hollywood, and being drawn into a MAD magazine movie parody.  Jump online and see how you can be a part of it.  Probably good for your soul. Definitely good for the kids.  Makes the cartoonist feel important… and you know how THEIR egos are. Cartoonists.  Psssh.



Click on the invitation for more information!