This is the first post of GID’S TIPS

-the point  of this is get helpful tips from a expert.

 This time I’m doing rules and tips for airsoft 

Now. airsoft is a fun sport.  I love it but a few rules apply like: use common manners,  think of others


1.Repect others around you.   This means if you are in an urban area, stay well clear of all pedestrian areas, or anywhere people can expect to be without being shot at.

2. Stop when some one yells stop.  There may be an injury.   Airsoft is a sport with high velocity guns. There will be injuries.  I have been shot in the throat a couple times my self.

3.  Play fair, don’t cheat, and be honest.   If you get shot out, step out. Or if you get some one out don’t keep shooting at them. Ignoring this rule gives others the excuse to ignore it too and the game breaks down into useless squabbling.

4.  Play hard.   Enjoy yourself, have fun, this is a great time to have fun with your old, and new friends.

5.  Bring your own gear.  Unless you’re just trying out the game. Make sure you and you friends have plenty of gear for yourself and for others.

6.  Eye protection is a must have.  I can’t stress this enough. If you do not want to be blind, or partly blind, wear eye protection.  There are lots of styles of safety glasses, goggles and masks. Make sure what you choose does not endanger or interfere with your eyesight.

I hope this helps you in any way. HAVE FUN!


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