Jeff Outdoors – Surftech Generator AST SUP

The man abuses outdoor gear, so you don’t have to


You want a SUP, but you don’t know what to get?  I’ve got a great option for a non-packable, general purpose SUP.

The Surftech Generator AST is an epoxy-coated foam-core board that works well in flat water or mild surfing.  It’s stable, well shaped and comes in three sizes.

I got the 11’6” board, which is 31.5” wide, so that my bigger friends could paddle it, but I’m glad I got the bigger board for another reason – kids.  I’m only 150lbs, so I can take a dog or a child along without sinking the board.  If I had gotten the 10’6”, surfing the boat waves would be more fun, and it would be easier to carry and store, but I wouldn’t have the versatility.

I’ve had the board since May of this year and have put many miles on it.  I’ve surfed behind ski boats on it, paddled in 15 knot winds, and glided on glass.  There isn’t anything that I’d change on the board for what I’m doing with it except make the grab hole more inset for your fingers.

The wide, stable design has been great for getting beginners out on it. I also have not had any cracks despite the kids playing with it and bumping rocks.



  • Lighter than any roto-mold or plastic board
  • More crack-resistant than traditional fiberglass
  • Relatively inexpensive ($900)
  • Has tie downs for longer trips



  • Grab hole is not very good when hands are wet


Bottom Line

If you’re not looking for a lake board, or a full on ocean surfer, this is the best combo of weight and durability for the money that I’ve found.