I forgot to mention it.  I did the same last year, too.  But Hubriscomics.com is TWO years old!  Happy birthday to it.  It’s been a lot of fun getting this far- selling a few books, adding Hubris to gocomics, adding a little advertising, advertising Hubris himself on other sites, and sending Hubris off into the most daring story arc I’ve ever conceived.  I’ve got more plans in the works, too.  Maybe some comics conventions, possibly some sales in some odd markets here and there.  I’d like to animate the Header art.  Superfan Allan says I should do a Youtube channel. That sounds exciting.  Might see if there’s a market to sell the original art or pencil layouts of the cartoons themselves.  Any of those things sound like fun to you guys?  If I go the Comics convention route, I think I should have ‘Team Hubris’ patches made up.  Folks that have them would get discounts or free stuff… plus they’d be wearing a cool ‘Team Hubris’ patch.

Gotta get back to work.  Hubris, Paste, Lowell, Kara and the rest aren’t going to get themselves in trouble without me.