So I lucked up into this nice full sized trials bike.  A guy that had worked for a local bike shop (The Peddler) had owned it.  Nice clean paint job.  Most of the parts are ‘Tank’, a brand I wasn’t familiar with, but it was tight as a tick (as people used to say around h’yar) and seemed pretty fun.  I saw it when I had taken my little BMX sized trials bike in for brake repair (but that’s another post) and they sold it to me for a price designed to get it instantly out of their store-room and into my dining room- til I make more room for in the bike shed (anyone want to buy a little 16″ trek kids bike, or a 1979 Mongoose BMX with Ashtabula forks?)

Those who do not mess around with the odder bicycles available look at this thing and rightly say “Where the heck is the seat?”  Then, sometimes, they realize that the frame isn’t even designed to accommodate anyone who would consider adding a seat.  There ain’t noplace for such, y’see.  If it had a seat, any time you did a  trick like maybe grabbing the front brake and balancing the bike on it’s front tire, then the seat would bump you in the butt and throw you over the handlebars.  That’s not a good trick.

Now, if you like dinking around with tricks like that, this is an okay bike.  If you find one for a couple of hundred bucks, and you have that kind of money to spend on a bike that won’t get you where you’re going, but will allow you to have a fun time when you get there, then go for it.  It’s a wonderful workout. Remember to keep your head up, your knees bent, and feel your way to your balance point.  Looking at your tire is not helpful, so don’t.

If you really, really, really like dinking around with tricks like that, and you want the best of the best, this might not be the bike for you.  You might wish for a better balanced frame.  You might also want disc brakes, which I fell in love with on my DMR, and had decided that I never wanted any other kind.  The cantilever V brakes on this bike have surprised and pleased me, though. I’m glad I didn’t pass on this bike because of the lack of discs.

If you want a bike that’ll get you where you want to go, then let you ride trials, then get you back home, look for something with more gears.  This is just a workout/play bike.  It won’t get you anywhere efficiently unless it’s downhill of where you are at the moment.

Have fun!