So the other day, I ran a photo of Jimmy Johnson (Arlo & Janis) and me and some of the other local cartoonists who went to see Mr J. at his book signing (support the arts- buy a cartoonin’ book)  And I was, rightly enough, asked who everyone was.  Andrew Chandler was one of the guys, Jim Palmer was another.  But today, I’m introducing you to Kevin Williams.  Kevin creates Muley The Mule.  Muley’s not just a comic strip, either.  He’s a puppet, a mascot-sized costume, and the official spokesmule for various and sundry quality establishments around Memphis, if not for Memphis itself.  You can frequently find him at the local Ronald McDonald house, doing such nice stuff for the kids there that you get a lump in your throat when you see it going on.  Muley’s cool.  Here’s one of his latest comic strips:


You can read more if you’ll click on over to his website-  Tell ‘im Hubris sent you.

Tomorrow, we look in on Jim Palmer and Li’l E.