So, what’s a thing worth?  Whatever someone will pay you for it.

I’ve seen people say that the value of a baseball card is a specific dollar amount because they read it in the price guide.  Well, I know from growing up buying comics that the amounts in the price guide are only valid if you can get someone to cough ’em up.

Hubris might be overvaluing his store.  Maybe not.

I’ve got an old Jeep.  People ask how much I want for it.  I say, “Six thousand.” and they say “It’s not worth that.”  to which I reply “It’s worth more to me in my driveway than in yours.”  So, yeah, my old rattletrap isn’t worth six thousand to a bank, or to some guy who randomly wants me to sell my Jeep without me saying “Hey, I think I’ll sell my Jeep.” but in the end… Well, in the end, Peter’s not going to be able to buy the Outdoor Galore Store.  Wonder how he’ll react to that?