This comic hearkens back to one a few days ago- remember?

Normally, I assume you guys remember every little thing in the strip.  Heaven knows that experience bears that out.

So, in a few weeks, we need to watch the people and their comments.  I get it- I mean, they don’t just read Hubris, but seem to read dozens of comics every morning, I guess.

But in the 09-10 gocomics Hubris cartoon (the one where he’s sleeping in the store on the first night of the Fest) one commenter said, “Why is he sleeping in the store?” and of course I thought, “Because I just said in another strip that he would be…”

But the ‘another strip’ had been a while back and for someone who reads a lot of random gocomics every morning, she can’t be expected to recall everything Hubris offhandedly says.

Even if I want her to.






And it’s 9-11 today here in the States.  The day when either the sort of thing you’d been vaguely dreading actually happened, or the kind of thing you never thought could ever happen here, did.