The original of this had Hubris with a CD and player.  CDs.  Ha.  Sooooo twentieth century.

In fact, I did buy a CD called ‘Sounds Of Whitewater’.  It was supposed to keep me calm and happy while I worked on weekends that I couldn’t go kayaking.

It was a five or so minute loop of the sound of shusshing water repeated to make a 60 minute CD. The water wasn’t necessarily a river rapid.  Coulda been in someone’s tub.  I’d like to think I could imagine hearing the voices of rafters or kayakers in the distance, but that was just the same way you think you can make out something when looking at TV static or see images in the holes of acoustic ceiling tiles, or in clouds.  Your brain fills in the details you really want.

I finally used the CD, played on loop, to keep my kids asleep.

Oh, well.  Vote Hubris and all, willya? Google+? StumbleUpon, Pinterest?  All that?  Thanks!  You’re good to me, and I won’t forget it.