I dislike being turned away from a public park for private reasons, but it happens.  I live in a city with a lot of people. I get it.


Showed up at Stanky Creek one morning to ride my bike only to discover that a race was about to happen.  “Oh, foo.  Now I gotta drive to my second choice” I thought, when a guy ran up to see if I was there for the race.

No, I told him, I was there for my usual ride. I didn’t know anything about any race.

He looked kinda guilty and started to gabble some crap about “Putting the race on ALL the websites.”

That’s a lot of websites, ain’t it?  And apparently, I don’t look at ANY.

I rode in a couple of other parks that day.  It’s cool.  Races need to happen.  But if you’re in charge of a race, just apologize to those who are inconvenienced by them.  Don’t try to tell us that we’re not doing our jobs by looking at your website. I don’t know what website you’ve got.  It’s better if  I go off to my Plan B without some gabble in my ears.