There are some very fine people who skate at the Memphis Tobey Field Skatepark.  Chad is one of the best.  He’s skillful, enthusiastic, humble, and he’s really good at teaching- always taking time to help out the little guys and girls who come to learn.

We were shooting a little video to go here the other day- just an iPhone thingy- when he spilled off the board fairly high up a wall.  Here’s a still frame for you to see.  I had to crop the bottom, so in this shot, you can’t see how high up the wall he is nor how far he’s got to go to get to the bottom.  So… is this a teaser or a spoiler?  I didn’t hang around long enough to get really good vid, just enough to try to see the line he’s teaching me to skate in ‘The Bowl’.


Chad’s also helping raise extra funds for the Hernando MS skatepark soon to be built. Go HERE and check it out. You might wanna skate there someday.  Chuck ’em a dollar and the skatepark will be better for it.