So, there’s a podcast called ‘Comics Alternative’, with the requisite website and Facebook page and it’s available on iTunes.  By all means, check ’em out! Their latest podcast has their review of this very webcomic.  I’m flattered that the hosts took the time to level their expert eyes on Hubris.  I will admit that they framed out a lot of perfectly true things about Hubris and how my background influences the way its produced.  They also seem to have a good bead on some design decisions that have been made about backgrounds over time.  Over all, they were pretty complimentary about Hubris, I guess.  Meaning they didn’t say anything nasty or unwarranted, or maybe that they said things that flattered me because… well, YOU guys know why.  You all come back and read every cartoon, and you usually have some pretty shrewd guesses as to where things are going story-wise.  It’s flattering when someone reads what you do and takes the time and energy to understand it all the way through.

Fun!  Check out Comics Alternative!