Random photo from recent travels for you:

This is my cousin Amy’s turkey.  I can’t recall which one it is. It MIGHT be ‘Thanksgiving Dinner”.  Yes, that’s the name of one of their turkeys.  Their two big domestic turkeys were almost doglike in their desire for attention, and their willingness to rearrange the pecking order when given the opportunity.  Very entertaining.

Aaaand if current evolutionary theory is anything to jump up and down about, then THIS should inform us about the look of dinosaurs far more than the grey beasts of old stop-motion educational films.

Ooooh, look-  it’s just like staring a li’l tiny T-Rex in the eyes.

A T-Rex with nasty red wattles… which they COULD have had, and how are we to know?

This turkey has therefore ruined my childhood- moreso than all those silly people who claim the new, I dunno, Mr. Rogers movie adaptation of the old TV show ruined THEIR childhoods.

Amy’s some kind of hotshot archaeological scientist, too… so she probably just loves the nasty lookin’ thing.