Here’s another one of those cartoons where the original pen and ink isn’t much to look at.  The figures in the first two panels are there, and the lettering and balloon in the last panel.  It’s better after the Photoshopping.  It’s mostly due to the clouds.  Nice clouds.

On another note, the action here is pure superhero.  There’s an awful lot of superhero-ing that goes on these days in our entertainment channels, and not all in superhero movies (though there’s an awful lot of superhero-ing going on in those)  No, I’m talking about how in almost any action and drama these days, the hero has some ability to run without gasping or think without effort or jump off of roofs without shattering four bones and two semi-major organs… or twist and ankle that hurts for more than, say, 12 seconds.  It wouldn’t surprise anyone who’s watching the final season of Game Of Thrones right now if The Mountain or his brother could juggle a Caber like ol’ Ziggy here.