I finally FINALLY got the latest Patreon packages sent out- so if you’ve been waiting for the past month… or nearly two?  Your Hubris originals are on their way!  Enjoy!

And if you’d like to join the ranks of Team Hubris, please feel free to click on the Patreon button down and to the left over there.  Or tell a few friends to read the strip.  Or click on a few ads.  To be honest, it’s not going to pay for a lot of skydiving trips (like the story I’m telling to the current Patrons) but it might keep me in the game long enough to finish this crazy story (currently planned for around the first of 2021)  If everyone who reads every day, according to Google Analytics anyhow, donated a dollar a month, Hubris would pay me almost as much as a part time job at Burger Doodle.  So maybe telling a few friends to read the strip would be the most awesome thing I can ask for.

…Second most awesome thing.  First most awesome is you guys believing in the characters’ stories I’m weaving for you.  I do love that feeling.