The title today refers, of course, to the classic comedy routing “Who’s on first?” as was made famous by Abbot and Costello.

But it wasn’t written by them.  Nor even performed originally by them.

Turns out it was a sort of vaudeville standard, and Abbot and Costello were just really, really good at doing that routine about the time that vaudeville was being supplanted by radio, and eventually, by television.  Vaudevillains, it turns out, would take material from other vaudevillians at the drop of a hat (which was probably another routine that was widely popularized from the stage, hat dropping being the wildly humorous thing it is, or was) and Abbot and Costello were really good at getting on radio and TV.

There’s probably an analog in current digital parlance.  Feel free to consider and comment about such.