As I get older, I miss things, and I discover new things.

I can’t really say whether the things I miss or the things I discover have at all been good for me.

They do keep me amused, though, I’ll tell ya that.

I’ve reached the age when business associates often aren’t old enough to remember the great stuff I do.  TV shows, Comic Books, Toys.

The new things I discover are the same crap you’ve overheard your elders speak about your whole life.  Your body betrays you.  Age isn’t a gradual process, but a series of abrupt horrors.

All that stuff, combined with being of an age to pay attention to the news and, like every generation before mine, decide that society has honestly gone into the toilet in my lifetime, leads me toward what should be depression.

Then I remember that I’m a cartoonist.  And I draw a funny picture or two.  Like today’s cartoon.  Then I feel much, much better.

So I might as well share, right?