When and where I was in high school, there were a number of young men who gauged the success of their weekends based on the number of beers that were drunk.

It led to conversations like this:

“Hey, man, you know how much fun we had this weekend man? We had three cases of beer, man, that’s how much fun we had, man!

I realize that, written out, it hardly seems to be a conversation.  My part of it, though, was pretty much just nodding, and trying to look like I knew what in hell they were talking about.

Also, The National Cartoonist Society nominations for the various divisions of the Reuben awards were announced.  I’m nominated for Newspaper Illustration, for which I’m very proud.  I didn’t get a nomination in the ‘long-form online comic’ award for my work on Hubris.  There is some stiff competition, of course, but I still think that we can get there one day.  It might take voodoo or something, but I’m game.