I managed to cobble this thing together.  It’s weird, and I had some issues that YouTube didn’t like, but take a look…


I have no idea why it’s up in the corner like that.  There were several versions that were higher resolution, too, but YouTube wouldn’t load those at all.  I have no idea where I botched it up, but there you go.  Anyhow, I have no idea why the one guy stood around clipping his fingernails… I mean, I’d already asked him to move one way or the other ’cause I was filming.  Who knows.

What matters is that the clinic classes went really well, and a lot of skaters learned new skills.  I learned to drop in at my favorite skatepark.  So there.  The next clinic and competition is in February, and involves ‘street’ skills- meaning that the flat areas of the park will get used.  This time was for half-pipe type skills.  Some of the very youngest students didn’t drop in- the older ones rolled in, and a couple of the very littlest guys climbed down into the bowl and skated from there.  It was great.

Also, the laid-back music I put on this Gideo was for the little folks and their parents who see skate videos with all the screamin’ and the cussin’ and the crashing guitar noise and are put off by it.  Don’t be put off.  Go and get you some exercise at the skatepark.